Downtown Houston, 2022

Jasmin & Robinson are probably one of the cutest and most humble couples we've ever met. From the story of how they met through work, sort of knowing each other in high school, and their early dating stories, it's truly a pleasure to witness them as a sweet and kind couple in their engagement shoot.

Even with the few bumps we hit before we got to the day of their shoot, these two were always thoughtful and incredibly understanding. How they carry themselves and treated us was just a model of God's love and peaceful presence.

Their photos are nothing short of romantic, sweet, and of course, genuine, like their love for each other. Fun fact about them is: they are saving their first kiss for their wedding day. How sweet is that?! We learned this the hard way when we kept telling them to inch closer for their pictures to kiss, but they kept hesitating and they eventually told us. Haha. We felt so bad...but, their photos though, were so good.

Now for the details and helpful tips for your engagement shoot :)

The Drive

If you are a true Texan living in Houston, you know that it takes about 30 minutes to get to 'Houston'. It's one of the inside jokes we have here. So from the get-go, plan it according to traffic and golden hour for that time of year (which was around 7:30pm). You'd also want to coordinate which areas in Hermann Park region you’d want to spend the most time in so you park closer to it.


For every couples shoot we have, we suggest bringing two outfits. One formal or traditional dresses from your culture/heritage, and one casual/dressy combo. These will add lots of variation to your album and give you more options to customize those invitation pictures, home mantle decor, and even wedding decor.


Every location truly has their gems that are worth traveling there for. Hermann Park is such a well-maintained park that offers the Japanese Gardens (which closes before golden hour unfortunately), garden like large columns, grassy area, water fountain and features, vine-y archways, and wooden bridges. It's also just a walk to the iconic Mecom Rockwell Colonnade. There’s also lots of free parking and public restrooms for you to change in.


Before your session here, we highly recommend packing the essentials: sunscreen and bug spray. We didn’t run to any serious bug problems, but it never hurts to be prepared! One tip I'd have is to bring a bag that’s easy to carry or a bag with wheels to discourage any sweating from the walks. Bring water to stay hydrated or cash since there are also vendors who sell snacks and drinks. Lastly, bring powder or oil blotting sheets since there will be lots of gorgeous, but still direct light here.