What's an 'Amberdog?'

An 'amberdog' is a lifelong friend, companion, and family member. You may have had the joy of having a dog like Amber in your life. If so, you have been tremendously blessed. Even with Amber's short life on earth, she is a continual reminder of loyalty, unconditional love, and overflowing joy!

We took that simple, yet happy, memory of who Amber was, and made it the essence of what we do:

To serve as a reminder of those happy, exciting, bitter-sweet, heartwarming, and nostalgic memories and moments in life.

photos by: Ann LeCompte


You probably already thought this... but yes, Christine is way out of my league haha. However, I guess I have a few things going for me. I enjoy film, chess, poke bowls, and spoiling Christine. I'm a washed up athlete but don't try me at Nintendo sports. I first picked up a camera 10 years ago and haven't put one down since. I believe film is the perfect vessel to convey human emotions and tell timeless stories, like yours. 


Oat-milk latte drinker. Frequent napper. Josh and Taylor Swift's biggest fan. My early days of dating Josh were also my first introduction to the world of photography and film. My love for people, creative challenges, and relationships has made coordinating and photography a natural creative outlet. Plus, I get to work with the love of my life and witness his golden heart at work and those dreamy blue eyes.

Just like you- we celebrated 2023 with our own milestone!

We tied the knot in May and we can't wait to celebrate YOURS!


Our Personal Milestones:

-Won Best Narrative for our Short Film "Changing Tides"
-12 Film Festival Nominations
-Got engaged
-Started our own business (thanks to your support :))
-Josh now has a skincare routine
-Christine still has no driving tickets to this day

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